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Focus on Your Mission and Let Us Handle Your Non-Profit organization IT

Your nonprofit organization works tirelessly to achieve its mission, often with limited resources. Right? So, it’s important to consider how a robust technology strategy can help you achieve your goals and aid in fundraising initiatives.  

No matter your budget, C2N’s dedicated team can help you bolster fundraising and expand your organization’s impact.

We at C2N help non-profit firms to meet their unique technology needs for volunteer management,  fundraising, and cost-sensitive budget. 

We have a broad range of experience in providing IT solutions to non-profit organizations, helping them to implement and manage the technological solutions they need to allow them to reach their goals without being cost-prohibitive.

We assist Non-Profit organizations to:

✔  Upgrade and manage their fundraising platforms​​​​​

✔  Manage IT to a predictable budget

✔  Provide strategic technology roadmap planning

✔  Leverage nonprofit-specific offers for reduced costs on software, hardware,  and services

Enhance your operations with nonprofit IT solutions from C2N

  • Cost-Effective Day-to-Day IT Management

    Non-profit organizations require IT solutions that are as cost-effective as possible while being robust enough to handle the day-to-day organizational operations.

  • Can’t Keep Up With Technology?

    It’s hard to convince your community that your organization is relevant for today and can meet the challenges of tomorrow if you can’t keep up with technology.

  • Empower Your People to Be the Change

    Learn how C2N can empower your nonprofit organization with the IT results you need to be the change you strive to be.

Deliver your Mission with Our Cost-Effective IT Solutions. Let’s get started

Non Profit Results in IT

Nonprofit organizations like many businesses require certain results from their IT environment. C2N will ensure you have just the right amount and type of IT solutions to deliver you results.

  • Ensure current and future planning
  • Ensure operational efficiency through IT solutions
  • Asset Management and Procurement
  • IT Policy and Procedures
  • Ensuring your organization and donor data are secure
  • Managing and mitigating IT Risk
  • Ensure operational efficiency through IT services
  • Cloud Services and Technology
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